"Pills could replace Covid jabs with British biotech breakthrough" Daily Telegraph

"'Anti-Covid pill' could replace jabs as green light is given for clinical trials to begin" The Irish Post

My shareholder notes...

TV Media Coverage:

UK ITV Current Affairs Program

US CNBC Interview


Global licensing deal. Reported in the mainstream media: New Zealand Herald |The Irish Post | Global News Wire | UK Daily Telegraph | PharmaPhorum | ContractPharma

100% effective in animals - Click Here |Technical research paper of results - Click Here
Now in clinical trials in the USA - Click Here and South Africa - Click Here| Patents - Click Here (note, these patents are currently showing under the company former business name)

Patrick Soon-Shiong/ImmunityBio media coverage:

Patrick Soon-Shiong (CEO of ImmunityBio) on Forbes Rich List

"Man on a mission" (another goal is to cure cancer) - here

Patrick buys a hospital in LA for $135million - here

Who is Patrick Soon-Shiong?

How to get shares (notes for my friends)

ios Bio is a tiny, privately owned biotech firm and their shares are not on the stock market so you can't invest through a stock broker. However, it is possible to get shares from one of the existing shareholders, The Angel Business Club. At the moment, The Club are issuing shares as an incentive for new members to join. They are closing this offer very soon.

GET SHARES in ios BIO by joining the Club CLICK HERE

What does the Club do?

They invest in early stage businesses (a bit like the Dragons on Dragons' Den) and then issues shares every month to paid members. It's a great way for ordinary people to build a small portfolio of shares in privately owned businesses with huge potential. It's not a lot of money to join the Club (£81/month) and I've been a member since 2015. They are really good at picking winners and of the 18 businesses they've invested in so far, 3 have listed on the stock market. 

Any questions, drop me an email - ios@.iospill.com

What could these shares be worth?

That's a difficult one. But let's say they get 5% of the global market? (I could be being very conservative here because it's going to be a lot cheaper to distribute and administer than injections) That's 250 million to 500 million pills (at 1 or 2 pills per person). If they sell for £10 per pill that's £2.5 billion to £5 billion in sales.

That gives a valuation on the business of between £25 billion to £50billion (10x sales revenue). At that stage, today's share could be worth £90 to £180. Current share price £0.15p so I'd say it's definitely worth getting some. (Not financial advice, just my opinion). I suspect ios Bio will get bought out by one of the big pharma companies such as Pfizers, Roche, or Johnson & Johnson etc.

How to get more than 60 shares...

Invite your friends. Share this URL https://www.iospill.com/?ref=15969 and replace 15969 with your OWN Angel Business Club ID number. The club will give you more shares through their "refer a friend" campaign.